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FIFA 20 Android is the most anticipated game of the year. FIFA 20 Mobile is developed by EA sports and is released on September 2018. You can now download FIFA 20 for your Android or iOS devices. This time Christiano Ronaldo will appear on the cover of the game. This game has UEFA championship league for the first time in FIFA history. As the devices have become better every year, it is now possible to play high graphics FIFA 20 on your mobile phone. This game supports connecting with playstation or PC which means you can resume the game on your phone as well. You can use your origin ID to play the game and it is completely free to play. However, there is in game purchases available which you can choose to buy. The game is even more smoother on the newer phones and you can change the resolution depending on the game.

FIFA 2020 apk mobile by Electronic Arts (EA sports) is almost out, consider this modded version an alternative to one of the best soccer games in the 21st century now finally I am adding here FIFA 20 MOD of FIFA 14 Android Simply and easy way to download and play FIFA 20 on Android or iOS device. Try it now and enjoy FIFA 20 mobile everywhere!

Fifa 20 android Gameplay

FIFA 20 Android Download Mobile. FIFA 20 Android is the most anticipated game of the year. FIFA 20 Mobile is developed by EA sports and is released on September UEFA Champions league is going to be the main part of the game. This will also be added in the career mode. It means if you finish the league in 3rd position, you will be able to play champions league. This is a huge deal for most of the FIFA 20 android fans. There is a new Active Touch System added in the game which controls how player receive or strike the ball. This allows the player to have fluid movement and overall smooth gaming. You can also create tactics before the game which is called dynamic tactics. You can also change the strategy in the middle of game. New feature that is added is timed finisher, where you have to press shoot and when player is almost kicking the ball, you have to press shoot again. It has to be very precise and you will get the perfect curved ball shoot. FIFA 20 android also have improved grapchis and gameplay. FIFA 20 has now been released to mobile phones and works on both Android and iOS Devices. You can install the app from your phone with the simplicity

Frequently asked questions

Question: Is UEFA Champions league added on FIFA 20 mobile android?
Answer: Yes, UEFA Champions league is added which includes Europa cup and UEFA super cup.

Question: Why I have to complete the verification before playing?
Answer: This game is free to play so to handle the server load, we are verifying the device before playing.

Question: How do I change the button position?
Answer: Go to option menu, then find the controller tab and from there choose pick controls on screen, then you can change your control position wherever you want.

How to download FIFA 20 on your mobile phone?

  • Click on the download button to get FIFA 20 apk.
  • Open FIFA 20.apk from your phone.
  • Allow unknown resource to be installed on your phone because you didn't download it from playstore.
  • You will see FIFA 20 Mobile on your phone, open the game.
  • Complete the verification process which will take few minutes.
  • Now you can play FIFA 20 for Android on your phone.